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Technical Data
Draft           1.07 m                 Sail Area                 26.45 sq m
Beam          1.91 m                 Displacement           1640 kgs
LOA            7.44 m                 LWL                          5.15 m   


Inspired by some of the classic designs from the last century, the Rustler 24 started life when the original Piper design was sold by Cornish Crabber to Rustler Yachts in Falmouth.  The Rustler 24 offers the dayboat sector a new dimension by combining traditional long keel sea-keeping and handling qualities, with the practicality of modern materials and systems.  Whilst Rustler retained the Piper hull shape they adopted the rig and sail plan from the Laser SB3.  As a result, although outwardly similar the two designs have some significant differences, the most notable of which are the above boom GNav - to make life easier for the crew - and different sized mainsails and jibs.  Although the overall sail areas are only 2% different (the Piper being slightly larger) the Piper's jib is 27% larger than the Rustler's but this is balanced by the Piper's 11% smaller mainsail.  Fortuitously, the differences in sail plan and hull dimensions result in the two designs having the same YTC handicap figure, which has allowed the Rustler 24s to race on equal terms with the Pipers in a single class.

In matters of sea keeping, stability, sure-footedness and overall balance, the longer keel has an inherent advantage - it offers a smoother ride.  The Rustler 24 is capable of a great deal more than just looking pretty.  A perfect combination of elegance, performance and practicality.  But beauty here is more than skin deep, with attention to detail and a quality of finish rarely seen on boats of this type.  The result is that the Rustler 24 strikes a unique balance between sailing performance, ease of handling, high quality materials and world class workmanship.  By taking great care with the design and layout of the yacht, the Rustler 24 has successfully achieved the impression of grandeur unusual in a yacht of her size.  In addition, using Rustler’s simplified sail handling system, the full performance of this exceptional dayboat can be achieved with the minimum of crew – single-handedly if the mood takes you!  The very high ballast ratio makes for a stiff and stable boat, combine this with a deep roomy cockpit and you get a sense of security second to none.

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2021 DIARY
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