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2024 Application for Quay Space
Please submit this online form by 31 December 2024.  Late applications may be unsuccessful.  Requests will be dealt with in date order.  Notification of allocations will be made in early March.  Please advise if your boat is only to be used for limited periods during the year so that spaces can be allocated most efficiently as demand continues to exceed availability.  The Quay Secretary reserves the right to alter allocations to make best use of the available space.

Please email the Quay Secretary ( if you have any questions about submitting this form.  Boxes marked with an (*) must be completed where relevant to allow the form to be submitted. 
Payment of the correct fee will be taken as confirmation that:
  • You have read, understood and will comply with the Quay Bylaws as printed in the Club Handbook.
  • Your boats and/or engines stored on Stoneworks Quay are insured against Third Party liability in the sum of £2,000,000 underwritten by an ABI member of Lloyds of London.
Please complete the relevant boxes below to request space for the summer (01/04 - 31/10) and/or winter season (01/11 - 31/03); insert the fee for summer and/or winter season in the cost box.   Should you wish a Temporary space,  contact the Quay Secretary for a price, and then complete the relevant boxes below,  inserting the agreed fee in the cost box; in addition, select the dates you would like the Temporary space for here:                                             -
Summer Rate









Winter Rate









Boat Type*
Length & Width including trolley*
Quay £136
Foreshore £120
Please send a cheque (payable to St Mawes Sailing Club) or pay by BACS to:
Lloyds Bank; Sort Code 30-98-57; Acc No 24511368, St Mawes Sailing Club Ltd, using QUAY your surname as the Ref

Allocations of Quay spaces, outhauls, and space for engines, oars and masts may be withdrawn if incorrectly used.   


Thank you for applying!

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